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Travel Helper

Travel Helper is a Travel Technology Platform which works on saving and Earnings Patterns. Travelling+  Earning.



Travel Helper's Saving and Earning Concept sloves the main issues of Travelers & travel industry and will be adopted by masses soon.Team visualizing the potiential of Travel Freelancer Concept and working hard to establish Travel Helper Platform .

Our Ideology




From the Beginning Travel Helper team very well visualize the Future Potential of Travel Freelancer Concept.




Travel Helper team is working with clear vision that Travel Technology move towards responsible Innovation which is more useful to consumers.




Travel Helper team considering the future aspects and making sure that Travel Helper Platform can serve the needs of Travelers for long time.


1. Payment Solution

TRH will replace the ordinary payment methods and save the currency exchange and 2% to 2.5% payment gateway charges.

2. Earning Platform

Travel Helper introduces a unique earning platform for the Community,Now starts travel business as a Freelancer

3. Cost Efficent

Decentralize system will push out the intermediaries and enable customers to pay directly to the suppliers.


4. 24*7 online Support

Travel Hepler Developing a smooth, stress-free, superlative experience that can help Traveller 24*7 online Robotic support

5.Reviews & Ratings

Community member will get Authentic Information "Ratings and Reviews" Protected to any outside influence .


6.Security/data privacy

Personal data will be highly secured on Blockchain network and Only be shared with GDS Global Distribution System


Our Objective

Innovation for people like you...

The innovation goal should be visionary and exciting. It should be something that has not seen before,Travel Helper Freelancing concept is one of them with great potiential and capebility of changing the travel industry which is on the verge of its transformation

How we started it

Travel Helper is founded by self motivated and energetic team of travel domains & travel industry. In Early 2017 Founding Team members realized that Travel Industry is struggling with major issues like No Price Transparency, tuff accessibility ,Pathetic support,less security of Personal Identity & major one was that, not a single platform for Travelers who rejects the idea of 9 to 5 jobs and which helps them to transform his Travelling experience in to Earnings.

Freelancing work in Travel Industry ? This Question becomes the foundation stone of Travel Helper Project. For more Details Please Go through our White Paper & YouTube Video for working pattern of Travel Helper. We Welcome's you in the Beginning


Travel Industry is 2nd fastest Growing Industry in the world with huge potential. Imagine the Travelers community around the world but there is not even a single Platform which helps them to generate Income as freelancer or with less barriers.Travel agency business required a heavy finance start-up costs and operating expenses, which resulting the heavy overhead charges imposed on consumers.Travel Helper team wanted to target both issues by one arrow


"A promising idea of the project is always one of the main indicators of successful startups.The project is interesting from the point of view of innovation i wish the project the rapid growth. it will be better, it is worth everyone's expectations and efforts. best of luck ..."


Complete Solution of Traveler issues

Easy Accessibility

Price Transparency

Supplier Authenticity

New Payment Mechanism


Travel Helper Freelancer Project Documents


Arun Kumar


1 Member

Varun Singh


Lavinder Singh


3 Member

Ayushi Agrawal

Content Lead

3 Member

Sahaj Sai

Digital Marketing

4 Member
More 14+
Travel Industry 6+
Python/Go Development 4+
Technology Strategist 2+
Financial Adviser 2+
Our Goal

Create a better and more reliable Travel Technology Platform

Travel Helper Freelancing Platform will be dedicated to those who live for travelling.Travel Helper Platform will be work for travelers and Oprate by the travelers

Who are we?

Travel Helper TRH is founded by self motivated and energetic team with matchless expertise in software and travel domains with focus on essential needs of travel industry which is on the verge of its transformation into highly sophisticated, structured and automated system. We believe that Blockchain technology will change global travel industry completely. Our passion to upgrade the industry by introducing cutting edge decentralize technological solution for Travel Helper Community and the world.


  • Feb 2017

    Journey Started

    Start Visualization
    Project Concept Conceived
    Founding Team Assembled

  • June 2018


    Contract Announcement
    Public Release of Travel Helper's White Paper

  • Aug & Sep 2018

    Public Sale Launch

    Announcement of TRH Token Public Sale
    Travel Helper Token Public sale Launch
    Travel Helper Token Public Sale Concludes

  • Feb 2019


    Partnership & Agreements
    Expansion of Network
    Branding & Marketing